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Control PDF with Python & PyPDF2

My new course Control PDF with Python and PyPDF2 library course is out! Check it out on Udemy.

Do you have a bunch of PDF files that you need to format or merge? Do you need to overlay images on each page? Maybe you just want to show off at the office! Whatever your needs, you can expect a comprehensive guide going through the nuts and bolts of how automating PDFs works. The course dives straight into PyPDF2, so you will be up and running creating and manipulating your PDFs in no-time.

I have had so much use of PyPDF2 when dealing with PDFs. You can split and merge documents, add metadata, fill in form fields, add javascript, and much more. I am sure you will benefit from learning PyPDF2 if you have even the slightest interest in making your everyday life easier.

After taking this course you will know how to:

  • Split and merge PDF pages
  • Scale, rotate, split, join, crop, and transform pages
  • Read a pdf to memory
  • Fill in form fields
  • Insert javascript, bookmarks, and metadata
  • Overlay images onto PDF pages
  • Understand how you could apply this knowledge to your own work

Check it out on Udemy.